Drama Workshop

Speak Up creates and delivers bespoke workshops for several different charities, theatres and companies across the UK. Some include Sport at the Heart charity, MIND Harrow, Stratford East Theatre, and Routes Collective to name a few. Our workshops focus on Public Speaking & Presenting, Mindfulness & Well-being as well as Storytelling, Imagination and Improvising.

We know that when you have confidence, it allows us to communicate with clarity and concisely. When we communicate with confidence we can articulate what we want to say to others in an efficient manner. Effective communication is critically important for self-development.

We believe that all organisations we work with are different and unique so we take pride in putting together a workshop that fits your needs.

Charity And Community Workshops

Speak Up prides itself when working with charities and communities across London and surrounding areas. We create each workshop specifically for what the community or charities need.

Working with Mind Charity on their Pause...Breathe...Respond -- listening and speaking mindfully, a two-day interactive workshop. Speak Up explored the themes of empathy, being present in the moment then allowing the presence to enable you to be more compassionate and less bored or negative. When working with the communities and charities, we want our students to have empathy and connect with others to understand how they feel and think. It automatically changes how you interact with others; how you look, listen, think, feel and learn.

Private Sessions and corporate

We know how important it is to communicate with ease and confidence, be it getting into a top accredited drama school, nailing a presentation, or finding confidence when public speaking. Speak Up gives you tips, tricks, and tools to guide you through it!

Speak Up
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