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Speak Up works with a numerous amount of schools, charities and communities such as Sport at the Heart community, Newnham Junior school, Kilburn Park Junior School, Belmont Primary School, Avanti House School, Claremont high Academy, National Theatre Learning as well as working with MIND charity

Speak Up provides a wide range of bespoke workshops in London and surrounding areas. We believe that all schools, charities and communities are different so we take pride in putting together a workshop that fits your needs.

Primary School Workshops

Speak Up works with both infant and junior children in primary school. Introducing drama through a fabulous range of techniques. Such as role play,devising short plays, improvising, exploring physicality through space, imaginative games and much more…

Speak Up provides its popular drama after school club working on a termly basis towards an end of term or year performance. Having weeks of rehearsals which gives the children the performance practice. Inviting parents and staff along to watch. Speak Up also helps teachers guide their students through Shakespearean text by focusing on a play and making it into a ‘bitesize’ version allowing the children to understand and engage with the text in a fun filled way.

Secondary School Drama Workshops

Speak Up works with all different years throughout secondary school. We specialise in helping year 11 GCSE students on their Component 1 Devising and Components 2 Performance from Text. Introducing a safe space where students can share ideas in a constructive and fun filled environment. Which then allows the students to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Speak Up also works with topics such as: Performance Skills •Approaching the script •The world of the play •Using your voice •Using your body •Using your space Styles and Genres •Musical theatre •Naturalism and Stanislavski •Physical theatre •Making Shakespeare easier. At Speak Up we believe when exploring different forms of drama techniques, we have the chance to express ourselves in different forms we did not know possible. Having these skills can prepare the students for job opportunities, communicating with others and the confidence when public speaking..

Charity And Community Workshops

Speak Up prides itself when working with all different charities and communities across London and surrounding areas. We make it our mission to break the stigma and push boundaries of mental health issues that children and adults face

Working with Mind Charity on their Pause...Breathe...Respond -- listening and speaking mindfully, a two-day interactive workshop. Speak Up explored the themes of empathy, being present in the moment then allowing the presence to enable you to be more compassionate and less bored or negative. When working with the communities and charities we want our students to be able to empathise and connect with others to understand how they feel and think. It automatically changes how you interact with others; how you look, listen, think, feel and learn.

Private Sessions and corporate

Speak up provides a bespoke private session in: • Public speaking • Audition and interview techniques .

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