Welcome to Speak Up

About us

Speak Up is a drama based workshop organisation that works with children and adults helping them build their confidence through creativity.

Speak Up provides a wide range of bespoke workshops in London and surrounding areas. We make it our mission to break the stigma and push boundaries of mental health issues that children and adults face through drama exercises and activities. By leading these drama workshops we believe it will encourage conversation around mental health issues and wellbeing. We work with numerous primary and secondary schools on exciting new drama projects, Building a safe space to allow children and adults to reach their full potential.

  • Nikhil
    “I’m normally not that outspoken in class but when I have a Speak Up session, I can’t stop sharing my idea. I love Speak Up for getting me out of my shell"
    Year 6
  • Kevin
    I didn’t realise how much I could find about myself when playing another character, Speak Up helped me look deeper into myself to become a better actor
    Brent local Community
  • Aziz
    Drama gives you a sense of freedom.
    6th Form
  • Alisha
    It’s a confidence building subject for me and will help me achieve my aspirations of joining the film industry.
    Year 9
  • Jacob
    It has brought out my confidence a lot and it’s my favourite GCSE
    Year 11